Welcome to the Normand Post, a place for news and ongoing discussions about potential solutions to the problems of the world today. It is our goal to help shed light on some of the more pressing issues facing all of humankind and this home we call earth. We will do our best to explore some of the topics that are  often missed by our mainstream media and will rely on reader participation to create a spirited debate.

Our main areas of focus will be the environment, climate change, weather-related disasters, education, food and nutrition, and health-related issues. We believe that these issues are inseparable and that they are individually, and collectively impacting the stability and future of civilization. Please put forth your ideas in the form of commentary on any article. If you have any thoughts about topics or events you would like to see covered, let us know. We welcome all viewpoints and encourage your participation and feedback.

Think of this site as an open-ended community bulletin board for the world. Individually, it can be hard to get a signal out, but if we pool our efforts, we just might make a difference.


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